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We help businesses with data, Information & Energy

Our Services

We provide consultation services for businesses in the realm of data & information

Web System Design

We help with designing a unique web based system that will not only behave as an information display but it will also act as a data aggregator to help management understand what is actually happen with their businesses.

App Development

We don't just develop an app for your business, we will ensure that all relevant information is captured and presented in such way that it will be useful for the busines.


Our strongest skill is in Analytics, the Web and App that we created which will aggregate data and ultimately will be use as an input in our analytics stream. We are currently focusing on real-time analytics (As it happen) with forward thinking of moving into predictive analytics (Before it happen).

Management Consultation

Output of our analytics stream will become input into management consultation stream, where we help management to manage their business using data.

Renewable Energy

Through our subsidiary Pyros Energy, we are expanding our services into renewable energy realms. Pyros Energy is incorporated to help with Solar Energy needs in Indonesia.

About us

We are NOT a Web company, NOT an App Company, We are an Information Company.

Who We Are

PT. Sama Jaya Indonesia was incorporated in 2014 with a main purpose of helping businesses to understand their data and present those data into useful information.

Apart from its main purpose, PT. Sama Jaya Indonesia operate several digital platform that can be used by businesses to broadcast their promotional material, our platform is data focused and those data can be use by business owner to understand the market better.

We are currently running Voucher Media Networks, which is a promotional media with voucher based concept. User will be able to print a voucher and present that at the cashier before paying to receive the promotional benefit.

Apart from Voucher Media Networks, We are also running an online classified network called Pasar Loak Networks. Pasar Loak is a free online classified platform that can be used to sell any unwanted items or to look for any item of interest.

As we strive to provide more and more services to our client, we have established an agreement with Nano-Host Pty. Ltd. Australia to become their sole distributor for hosting and domain name registration in Indonesia.

What We Do

As an Information company, we always encourage our clients to focus on data as data is a very important asset that is impossible to replace.

We provide consultation on how our client data should be collected, stored and consumed in a real-time as well as preparing our client’s data for predictive analysis once the data is sufficient enough to perform such analysis.

As new technology and concept emerged from being an R & D technology into a mainstream technology, we help our client in the transition process.This gives our client an opportunity to be ahead of their competitors, let us worry about the technology while our clients handle their main business operations.

Why Choose Us

As one of the first Information Company in Indonesia with its team mainly based in Australia, we possess a collective experience of more than 50 years.

We have consulted for many national and multi-national companies with a flying success rate, In order to keep enhancing our knowledge our team are an active member of IEEE data engineering society where most conceptual idea are discussed and ultimately implemented.

What makes us different is the fact that we care about our client, we consult and propose technology that is beneficial to them. We will always put people ahead of profit and the success of our client is our achievement.

Feel free to drop us an e-mail and have an obligation free conversation with us, and experience it yourself how we are different than others.

Meet the team

Our Subsidiaries.

Nano Host Indonesia

Nano-Host Indonesia

Web Hosting and Domain Registration

Voucher Media

Voucher Media

Promotional and Analytical Platform

Pasar Loak Networks

Pasar Loak Networks

On-Line Classified

Pyros Energy

Pyros Energy

Renewable Energy focusing on Solar Energy



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Contact us

Due to the nature of our business we are out of our office most of the time, however if you need us you can drop us an e-mail and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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